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A Washington native, Ben began his hockey career locally playing for both the Montgomery Blue Devils and The Washington Little Capitals.He played Junior Hockey for the Shelburne Wolves franchise Ontario Provincial Junior “A” All-Star, and team captain.His focus will be on providing the very best development program for the players.Lyon is excited to return home to where it all began. ), Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Mac Donald, James Edward Henry (or Hervey) (J. H.), 1873-1932, Group of Seven/ ------Groupe des Sept; (Fine Arts in Canada; Mc Kendry; Valle 93; Reid; Harper; Robert78; Hill; Hubbard; ------Withrow; Art Gallery of Ontario; MAC; Firestone Art Collection; University of Guelph; Mc Michael ------Canadian Art Collection; Duval; Lord; Newlands; Giles; Queen's University; Nova Scotia; Art Gallery of Hamilton; ------Canadian Drawings; L'estampe; Block Prints; Modern Painting; Robert 64; Valle 89; Dalhousie Art Gallery; ------Development of Painting in Canada: 1665-1945; Art of the British Empire Overseas; , oil/huile, 28" x 36 7/8", Art Gallery of Toronto J. Buchanan, 1908-1966, The Growth of Canadian Painting, London, Collins, 1950. ------ Mac Donald, Malcolm Philip, 1879-1965, (Art Gallery of Ontario; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada) ------ Photo of Manly Edward Mac Donald Image source: Details PL? A teacher for some twenty-five years, he taught painting and art history at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary. ------ Mac Phee, Teresa, (Aboriginal Art; Dalhousie Art Gallery) Mac Pherson, Annie A. NOTES: Selection of drawings and cartoons previously published in the Toronto star. Porter et Jean Blisle, La sculpture ancienne au Qubec: trois sicles d'art religieux et profane, Montral: Les ditions de l'Homme, 1986, la p. Catalogue surveys the mid-career work of Canadian artist Kelly Mark. Introduction / Barbara Fischer -- Everything is interesting / Jonathan Watkins -- Kelly Mark marks time / Dan Adler -- Installation - intervention -- Video -- Sculpture -- Photography -- Drawing -- Multiples - audio - misc -- Republished texts -- Artist biography -- Acknowledgements. "Lieutenant Thomas George Marlay of the Royal Artillery was born in Scotland in 1809. Marok, Riverside & Valley Drive, Wakefield, Quebec, oil on canvas, 2014, 14 x 18". Mac Donald, Autumn in Algoma (Fall of the Leaf), on the front wrapper of the following book: Donald W. I would like to thank the artist for her permission to reproduce (24 October 2015). (Frederick Broughton), 1889-1936, A Canadian art movement : the story of the Group of Seven, Toronto : Macmillan Co. While working toward his first degree, in chemistry, he belonged to the Canadian Officers Training Corps and later served briefly as a reserve officer with the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; , numro 223, vol. 19; Lisa Kehler Art Projects Winnipeg) Mder, Helga, 1938-, (Valle 89; Valle 93; Le Bourthis) ------ Madgin, Dominique, ne Saint-Louis-du-Ha! (Gaspsie des artistes) Dominique Madgin, La charmeuse d'abeilles, 2003, 61 x 76,2 cm, acrylique, image reproduite du livre suivant: Goyette, Line, Christian Lamontagne, La Gaspsie des artistes / Line Goyette; photographies de Christian Lamontagne, [Montral] : Fides, 2006, 123 p., la p. [et al.], [Ottawa] : Muse des beaux-arts du Canada, c1998, 2 v., dans le vol. [Image et description de celle-ci proviennent du livre suivant: John R. Vincent University Art Gallery, Kenderdine Art Gallery, and Art Gallery of Windsor. Markle, Robert Nelson, 1936-1990, (Roundstone Council for the Arts; Mc Kendry; ------Art Gallery of Ontario; MAC; Burnett; Balkind; Lord; Morris; Mc Master University; ------Queen's University; Canadian Drawings; Thunder Bay Art Gallery; vol. 1116; ------Art in Ontario) Markopoulos-Tondino, Antonia, 1961-, (Magazin'art Biennial Guide 98-99) Markossie (Markosie), carver (Art Auctions 1976-1978) ------ Markowsky, Martha, b. M., milieu de XIX) ------ Marlay, Lieutenant Thomas George, 1809-1837, drawings 1830-31 (Art Gallery of Hamilton; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada) T. Marlay, Market Place Quebec, 1831, 133 x 114 mm (subject), no plate line visible, 196 x 125 mm (paper). Marok, John Frank, 1960-, (Valle 93; Collectionneur 91, vol. 44-46; Collection Lavalin du Muse d'art contemporain de Montral; ------; City of Ottawa Art Collection -- 2013; ARTBOMB--21 March 2014; L'Artothque--2014); artist's site John F. Johnson hails from a hockey-rich family, his father Bob Johnson also played goalie for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and his grandfather Sid Abel is in the NHL Hall of Fame.In addition to coaching, Johnson covers the Washington Capitals providing analysis for Comcast Sports Network.

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Sessions will teach players how to shoot the puck quicker, with more velocity and increased accuracy. Dan spent 5 years as a Hockey Director in Wisconsin followed by 5 years coaching in Sweden. Band, 1970; cover of the following publication on the artist: Zemans, Joyce, 1940-, National Gallery of Canada, Jock Macdonald, Ottawa : National Gallery of Canada, 1985, 91 p. The sketch has won the honourable mention in the Women's Art 119 Annual Juried Art Exhibition. : Penumbra Press, 1980, 216 p., ISBN: 0920806139; Thoreau Mac Donald, cover of the jacket of the following book: Housser, Fred B. Shortly afterwards, in 1979, he earned a Master of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax. Banque d'oeuvres d'art du Conseil des arts du Canada."; texte et image reproduits du livre suivant: Nemiroff, Diane, Muse des beaux-arts du Canada, Traverses / Diana Nemiroff ... ------ Photo des annes 1910, l'avant plan, douard Marcotte qui tait le neveu et l'assistant de Louis Jobin, l'arrire plan (copie photographique, Service de l'audio visuel, Universit Laval). 611.] ------ Marion, Ulysse, fl 1942 , (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; vol. Barnicke Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, Cambridge Galleries, Kenderdine Art Gallery, / Kelly Mark ; editor, Barbara Fischer ; designer Gilbert Li., Toronto : Justina M. throughout 10 x 8 in hardcover; NOTES: Co-published by: Cambridge Galleries, Mount St. Nous remercions Martha Markowsky pour la permission de reproduire. late 19th cent., (Folk Artists) Marks, Esther, fl 1965-, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; vol. 1116-1117) Marks, Gerry, Haida carver (Indian Artists at Work) Markson, Mayta, potter (Allied Arts Catalogue 2) Markstein, Aurelia, 1924-, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada) Marlatt, J. Nous remercions l'artiste pour la permission de reproduire (). Marsh, Lynne, 1969-, (Exhibition: Ecotopia 2012-2014; Builders: Biennial 2012; Coll, accessed 24 April 2016 Book on David Marshall: Ullmann, Monika, The life and art of David Marshall / Monika Ullmann ; introduction by Brooks Joyner, Salt Spring Island, B. Mac Donald, The Solemn Land, oil on canvas, 122.5 x 153.5 cm, National gallery of Canada, on the cover of the following publication: Whiteman, Bruce, J. Jock Macdonald, Heroic Mould, 1959, oil and lucite on canvas, 182.9 x 121.9 cm, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Bequest of Charles S. SERIES: Canadian Artists Series; 9; NOTES: Issued also in French under title: Jock Macdonald, 1897-1960. The boys all dress more or less alike and each one dons a hat. As you watch them you get the feeling that they have a deep connection to each other and they are enjoying this leisure time possibly after a lot of chores." (Lisa Mac Donald) Mac Donald, Lisa; artist's site Lisa Mac Donald, Cries in the Night, charcoal sketch, 2011, 12 x 16"; the artist has explained to me that the sketch shows the old TB sanatorium in Hamilton ON as it sat empty for decades before being recently torn down. Mac Donald, Thoreau, 1901-1989, (Mc Kendry; Reid; Hill; Art Gallery of Ontario; ------Hubbard; Firestone Art Collection; Mc Michael Canadian Art Collection; ------Duval; Block Prints; vol. 1004-1008) Book by the artist Thoreau Mac Donald: Thoreau Mac Donald, Notebooks, Moonbeam, Ont. As a young man, he studied at the University of Manitoba, first earning a Bachelor of Science in 1966 and then a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1977. un livre en pleine mer (1993), livre reli (550 pages, similigravure deux tons sur papier urodull, couverture de lin estampe l'encre d'argent), table de chne. Nous remercions Madame Marcotte pour la permission de reproduire. Dickinson et Ollivier Hubert, sous la direction de, Jacques Des Rochers, recherche iconographique, Les Sulpiciens de Montral: une histoire de pouvoir et de discrtion, Montral: Fides, 2007, 669 p., la planche 8 et p. 1830s, (Folk Artists) Mark, Gerula (History of Art in Toronto Schools) ------ Image source: Books.html, accessed 28 January 2017 Book on Kelly Mark: Mark, Kelly, 1967-, artist, Barbara Fischer, 1956-, editor, Art Gallery of Windsor, Justina M. 88-90 and -------109(E); Valle 93; Magazin'art Biennial Guide 2000-2001; Magazin'art Biennial Guide -------2002-2003; Tradition ukrainienne au Canada; City of Ottawa Art Collection -- 2013; ARTBOMB--10 and -------17 April, 22 May, 18 June and 23 December 2016; Magazin'art Biennial Guide 2006-2008);, oil on canvas, 16 " x 20 ". ------ Marois, Marcel, 1949-, (Roundstone Council for the Arts; L'estampe Qubec; Collectionneur 91-92, ------vol. 68; Robert 83; MQ; L'art du Qubec; Collection numrique d'estampes de la Bibliothque ------nationale du Qubec; Collection Loto-Qubec; par Comeau; Saidye Bronfman Award 1998; ------Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; membre professionnel du Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Qubec -- 2012) Marois-Talbot, Joanne, 1950-, (Valle 89; Valle 93) Marok, Jack (also John? Marok la Galerie Montcalm, la galerie d'art de la ville de Gatineau, du 15 aot au 6 octobre 2002, supra). ------ Mabie, Don, 1947-, (Roundstone Council for the Arts; Alberta artists; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; vol. 949) Mac Callum, Marlene A., (L'estampe Qubec) Mac Callum, Peter (YYZ Artists' Outlet: 1979-1989) ------ Mac Cara, Norma Norma Mac Cara, from Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Out of Africa, art quilt (photo: Ian Mac Cara), on the cover of The Canadian Quilter Spring 2014 and see also on p. ------ Mac Carthy, Coeur-de-lion, 1881-1979 (Lalibert; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; vol. 951-952; ------Art public de la ville de Montral) ------ Mac Carthy, Hamilton Plantagenet, 1847-1939, sculpt. (Miss), fl 1891-2, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada) Mac Cormack Routh, Jan (ARTBOMB--29 November 2017) Mac Cormick, Neil, 1958-, (Galerie de Bellefeuille -- 2015) Mac Crae (or Mac Crea), George, avt. NOTES: Published to coincide with an exhibition held at the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph, Ont., May 8-Jul. 3, available at , accessed 12 April 2016) ------ Mac Dougall, Don, 1949-, (MAC) Mac Dougall, Doris (ARTBOMB--23 November 2015; 5 April 2016; ) Mac Dougall, James Ian, 1936-, (Wood Engraving in Canada since 1945; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada) Mac Dougall, Ken, c1933-, (Art Auctions 1976-1978; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; vol. 1009-1010; Ontario Collection) Mac Dougall, Marianne Adelaide Miles, fl 1881, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada) Mac Dougall, Nini Keefer, 1915-, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; vol. 1010-1011 ------Early Women Artists) Mac Dowall, Cyndra (Sight Specific: Lesbians & Representation) Mace, Daniel, originaire de Goffstown, New Hampshire (Gaspsie des artistes) Mac Eachern, Ian, 1942-, photographer (Stephen Bulger Gallery Toronto; Image 6: Contemporary Photography 1970) Mac Eachern, Scott, 1952-, (; Photography -- Collection of the National Film Board) Mac Elwain, Peter Brown, 1948-, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; Art in Ontario) Mac Ewen, Christina Jean, 1946-, (Mc Master University; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; City of Ottawa Art Collection -- 2013) Mac Farlane, David Huron, 1875-, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; vol. 1023) Mac Gowan, Clara, 1895-, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada) Mac Gregor, Betty, 1932-, embroider, (Craftsman; Oeuvres d'artisans) ------- Mac Gregor, Charles, 1893-1978, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; Art Gallery of Ontario; University of ------Guelph; History of Art in Toronto Schools; "Thornton Mustard [b. at sea, 1939] was educated in Huron County and at the University of Toronto [B. Mustard's appointment as Principal of the Toronto Normal School in 1938 was cut tragically short. NOTES: Includes bibliographical references and index, ISBN: 0889029792.] ------ Mac Gregor, James Gamble, 1898-, (Winnipeg School of Art; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; vol. 1025) Mac Gregor, John, 1944-, (Burnett; Canadian Drawings; Roundstone Council for the Arts 2; Carleton; University of Guelph; ------Collection Lavalin du Muse d'art contemporain de Montral; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; vol. 1026) Mac Gregor, William Firth, 1896-, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada) Macha (Mariette Chartrand), 1939-, (Valle 93) Machar, Agnes Maule, 1837-1927 (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada) Machnik, Joan Armstrong (Collection numrique d'estampes de la Bibliothque nationale du Qubec) Macias, Pilar, photographe (membre professionnel du Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Qubec -- 2012) Mac Innis, Stephen B., (Smart; Marion Mc Cain Atlantic Art Exhibition 2000) Mac Intosh, Judy (ARTBOMB--1, 12 and 29 July, 8 and 23 November and 16 December 2015; 11 and 19 March, 24 May and 3 and 7 June 2017) Mac Intosh, Kenneth (Nova Scotia's Contemporary Landscape Artists) Mac Intyre, Marjory S., 1898-, (Roundstone Council for the Arts; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada) Mac Iver, Ian T. ralise l'occasion de l'exposition L'estampe au Qubec, 1900-1950 ... NOTES: Half-title: Mural capital of North America and the world, 1983-1993 Previous ed. Mac Lagan, David, 1932-, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; Murals of Chemainus, B. L., (Smart; Marion Mc Cain Atlantic Art Exhibition 2000; Nova Scotia's Contemporary Landscape Artists) Mac Leay, Rosanna Mac Leay Stewart, 1887-, fl 1945 (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; vol. 1064) Mac Lellan, Joss (City of Ottawa Art Collection -- 2013) Mac Lelland, William, act. an exhibition organized by Museum London and the Vancouver Art Gallery, ... ------ Mac Leod (Mac Leod), Scott, 1965-, (Valle 89; Valle 93; Collection Loto-Qubec; Avmor Collection) Mac Lure, Margaret Catherine, 1869-1938 (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada) ------ Mac Lure, Samuel, 1860-1929 () Samuel Maclure, Olympics from Beacon Hill, ca. 18-May 25, Mc Cord Museum, Montreal, June 11-July 13, and the Public Archives of Canada, Ottawa, July 25-Sept. 961) Mac Cormack, Laura June Forbes, 1921-1961 (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; Ontario Collection) Mac Cormack, M. (source: Mantle, Craig Leslie, "A Symbolic Return of Communitas William Mac Donnell's Modernizing Mostar", Canadian Military History, volume 24, issue 1 at p. He was responsible for an expeditious overhaul and modernization of the Ontario elementary school curriculum. (Photos 1895-1924) Maclean, 1969-, born in Winnipeg (Painting Project 2013; Foire d'art contemporain d'oeuvres sur papier 2014; Encan-bnfice au profit des ditions esse--2013); artist's site / site de l'artiste Mac Lean brothers -- David, Peter and Paul, wood workers (Art and Craft of Nova Scotia) Mac Lean, Alice (ARTBOMB--29 January, 5 and 12 February 2015) Mac Lean, Donna, 1914-, (Roundstone Council for the Arts; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada) Mac Lean, Donna, 1918-, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada) Mac Lean, Donna, (vol. 1058-1059) Mac Lean, Jamie (ARTBOMB--11 September, 22 October and 12 December 2013, ------1 February, 17 March, 16 October, 5 November, 1 and 11 December 2014; 18 January, 22 February, 8 July, ------27 August, 29 September and 23 and 31 December 2015; 4 January, 21 and 28 February, 19 March, 14 May, 12 August, ------and 27 November 2016; 13 April, 13 May, 30 July, 22 August, 1 and 6 September, 12 and 23 September and 1 October 2017) Mac Lean, Jean Munro, 1879-1952, born in Pictou, N. (Robert 78; Fine Arts in Canada; Art Auctions 1976-1978; ------Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; ; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada) Mac Lean, V. Mac Leod, Pegi Nicol (Margaret Kathleen Nichol), 1904-1949, (Newlands; Mc Kendry; Art Gallery of Hamilton; ------Reid; Hill; Hubbard; Harper; Art Gallery of Ontario; Tippett; Mc Michael Canadian; Development of Painting in Canada: 1665-1945; ------Art Collection; Duval; Canadian Drawings; Canvas of War; Carleton; Sir George Williams University; Collection Lavalin du Muse d'art ------contemporain de Montral; , 1944, oil on canvas, 76.5 x 91.8 cm, Beaverbrook Collection of War Art, Canadian War Museum, 19710261-5784. S., fl 1882, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada) ------ Madahbee, Mel, 1956-, (Mc Kendry) Mel Madahbee, illustration on the cover of the following book: Fox, Mary Lou, 1935-, Martin Panamick, Basil Johnson, Mel Madahbee, The way it was : an Ojibwe-Odawa legend / by Mary Lou Fox ; research for this story was done by Basil Johnson; illustrated by Martin Panamick; cover by Mel Madahbee, Cutler, Ont. [et al.], Toronto : Royal Ontario Museum, c1980, xxviii, 244 p., at pp. Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Apr. (City of Ottawa Art Collection -- 2013) Marquis, Valre, 1929-, (Sculpteurs en art populaire au Qubec par Levasseur -- Tome 1) Marr, Evelyn, 1901-1975 (Art Auctions 1976-1978) Marr, Octavia Elizabeth Tyler Hayward, 1891-? visit Catalogue d'exposition sur Lynne Marsh: Marsh, Lynne, Lynne Marsh / [coordination de la publication, Bernard Lamarche ; traduction vers le franais, Franois Ct ; traduction vers l'anglais, Karen Pick], Montral: Muse d'art contemporain de Montral et Rimouski: Muse rgional de Rimouski, 2008, 63 p. 2008 et au Muse d'art contemporain de Montral, du 6 nov.

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