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Tom Ellis, a principle lecturer from the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth who is involved with the trial, said the cameras could be used to provide evidence for disciplinary action but also as a “self-reflection” tool for students.

Footage could also be shared with parents to involve them in addressing their children’s behaviour.

The cameras, worn on teachers’ clothing, are set to film all the time but only save encrypted footage when the record button is pressed, Teachers are advised to turn on the cameras during incidents in the classroom to tackle “constant low-level disruption”, but must give notice before doing so.

The Information Commissioner’s Office, which regulates privacy issues, said that schools were free to use cameras as long as they complied with the Data Protection Act, which states that surveillance must be “legitimate, proportionate and necessary”.

Today, the Education Workforce Council hearing found both were found to have committed unprofessional conduct and banned them from the classroom for three years.

The pair have 28 days to challenge sanctions imposed on them at the High Court.

Committee chair Jaquie Turnbull said a three year prohibition order for both registrants reflected the "seriousness" of their conduct which she described as "reckless, repeated" and an "abuse of trust" which had "brought the school into disrepute".

She said both Mr Daniels and Miss Thomas had "allowed their own private interests to overrule their professional regard for the school, its staff and pupils."Ms Turnbull added that sanctions passed would "maintain public confidence in the teaching profession" following a case so serious that it would have been "fundamentally incompatible" for Mr Daniels and Miss Thomas to return immediately to teaching.

The hearing also heard from Bryn Tawe's head of art Rhian Thomas.

She described an incident early on the morning of June 3 2013, when she had gone looking for Mr Daniels in order to make a request for compassionate leave.

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