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A referral to a paediatrician, who, for over an hour, played with Sam and monitored his reactions.After the intense examination, the paediatrician ruled out autism — which Susan says was a relief — but confirmed that Sam was painfully shy.‘From the moment our first son Sam, now four, could walk and talk, I knew he wasn’t a mixer,’ she says.‘I encouraged him to play with others — at mother and toddler groups, in parks, at play centres.

On one occasion Yasin cuddled up to me and said: “Mummy, nobody plays with me.”’He explained that while the other children played in groups at lunchtime, he would wander around on his own.‘I asked him who his friends were and he replied: “Nobody”,’ says Natasha.Online message boards are filled with tales of parents seeking help for perceived excessive shyness — with some mothers even claiming their shy child is actually autistic (rather than admit that little Tabitha is just reluctant to put her hand up in class).Nowadays, with popularity measured in hundreds of Facebook ‘friends’, some painfully shy children have attracted their own clinical label: ‘social phobics’.I felt sick — if he was like this in the comfortable world of pre-school, I wondered how he’d manage at big school.‘I’d often see party invitations handed out to other children — all except for Sam. ‘Joe had been a shy child, too — and he told me I was being overly concerned. But I had a gut feeling I had to do something to help Sam before it got worse.‘I found myself envying mothers whose kids went happily into social situations,’ she said.At night when he went to sleep, I’d burst into tears. ‘I always felt anxious that I had to justify Sam’s behaviour in some way to ensure people didn’t just think he was being rude by not speaking to them.’Susan spent hours scouring the internet for reasons why Sam might be so shy — and wondered whether it was anything from a developmental delay to autism.‘At one point Sam had walked on tip-toes a lot, which I knew was a sign of possible autism, so I was concerned that maybe he was on the spectrum,’ she says.

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