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With every one of our ’rundown reviews’, we go into specific details on what each cam service provides and why you might want to choose it.

This means you can feel happy knowing that you’re not wasting time with sex cam sites that don’t give you exactly what you’re looking for.

"For the right girl, for whatever reason which could vary, to do acts like their first anal scene, first interracial scene, first scene with three, four or five guys, those scenes could pay premium rates.

A company’s studios would offer a particular girl a much higher rate to induce her to accept the offer to shoot that kind of scene.

I don’t think there’s anybody, even the biggest stars, who are making more than half a million a year, but if some of the top stars are making 0,000-400,000 per year, by most people’s perception that would still be a lot of money I think." While porn performers are still making a lot of money, one way in which the industry has hugely transformed in recent years is due to the increase in streaming sites which Hay says has "hugely" damaged the industry.

“Most of the tube sites have stolen content on them which they make available for people to view for free.

While consumers of porn enjoy watching it, they rarely consider the actresses and actors at the heart of the films. How much do they get paid and does this depend on what they do?

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it is an open market, the same as anything else." However, in a 2013 article for theentitled 'Interracial Sex Still Taboo for Many Porn Stars", former adult actress Aurora Snow wrote: "On-camera race relations are a complicated topic—particularly the way they have been translated in porn’s fantasyland." There have been suggestions that pay rates for performers have dropped in recent years, however Hay says this is not necessarily the case and that instead they have just stagnated."For some special acts [rates] have actually gone higher, but rates in general have not risen in last five years or so.There has been no increase in relation to inflation, they haven’t really fallen they have just plateaud." In a world where the gender pay gap is pervasive in a plethora of industries, porn is an exception."I have seen figures higher than that but they are not common," he says.The fact that an adult actress could be paid more to do her first scene with a black performer is something that stands out and seems remarkably offensive to someone not in the business. A girl might say 'I’m not comfortable to do that' and later in her career may say she is.

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