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Application for Different Types of Parking Bays​You or a local council can use this form to apply for communal reserved parking for blue badged holders, motorcycle bays, parking bays, keep clear bays, timed and communal un/loading bays, alighting/boarding bay for schools/childcare centre/hotel, reserved parking for: ministries, police, lotto offices, embassies and ambassador’s residence and 1,5 keep clear.

All VRT Stations have the facility to enter online the result of the VRT test through an online service provided by the e VERA website.

The manufacturer of your car conducts routine services.

These vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from vehicle to vehicle, depending on the type of vehicle and engine.

The citizen can then proceed through e VERA to renew the road licence online.

However, the insurance agency / broker can act as a one stop shop.

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