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'Turning Point: The American Civil War', located in the 9,200-square-foot Dubose Gallery, is one of the nation’s largest and most complete Civil War exhibitions.

The museum has over 1,500 Union and Confederate artifacts, including cannons, uniforms, and flags, visitors experience the Civil War through the eyes of soldiers and civilians.

The sand and mud earthworks were attacked seven times by Union ironclads, but did not fall until captured in 1864 by Gen. Sherman during his "March to the Sea." Nestled among giant live oaks and beautiful salt marsh, this park is a quiet location for camping, hiking, fishing and picnicking.

In Richmond Hill, Georgia - Visit Fort Mc Allister Historic Site.

Explore the critical role in the Civil War socially, economically, industrially and militarily. Stephens' home, Liberty Hall, is renovated to its 1875 style, fully furnished and open for tours. Since the Revolutionary War American prisoners of war have endured untold hardships, and shown tremendous courage.

Expand your knowledge with appreciation of that era. Beautiful outdoor facilities make this park a treat for both nature lovers and history buffs. Andersonville NHS commemorates the sacrifices of these brave Americans at exhibits in the National Prisoner of War Museum; preserves the site of Camp Sumter (Andersonville prison); and manages Andersonville National Cemetery.

- On the main street of the little village of Andersonville the undistinguished front of a turn-of-the-century brick and frame building hides a national gem, Gerald Lamby's Drummer Boy Civil War Museum.

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In Columbus, Georgia - Visit Columbus Iron Works and Convention Center : from I-75: Exit 333, Walnut Avenue east 1.6 miles, left on Thornton Avenue, 1 mile then left on Cuyler Street. Confederate section is to the right of the rock chapel inside the cemetery. - 2,750,000 pounds of first-quality gunpowder was produced here.

- Completed in 1839 for Major James Stephens Bulloch, one of Roswell's founders, Bulloch Hall is a Greek Revival structure and one of the South's finest examples of true temple-form architecture.

In 1853, Major Bulloch's daughter, Mittie Bulloch, married Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. Their son, Theodore Roosevelt became our 26th President. - An "almost" battle (town was burned; Confederate cemetery stands, plus marker for courthouse square).

In Atlanta, Georgia - Visit Atlanta History Center - The house was built on an acorn-shaped hill reputedly cursed, and Indian legend warned it should be avoided as an unlucky site.

But, having enjoyed a Midas Touch, perhaps Barnsley was unconcerned with local legend.

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