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in other words there has been a shift in the vaginal milieu. I can only look forward to more improvement now that I am starting on the main protocol after my specialized testing. Fowler, it was only 4 months before I was supposed to get married.

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I noticed Monistat I used for yeast infections started to make my symptoms worse.Why do women come from so far away to get evaluated in Phoenix? I have been to many doctors and was told many different things over past few years. Frustrated and felt I was going insane, I began Dr.Because they have heard of women with symptoms like them getting great results. The majority of vulvovaginal symptoms are caused by aberrations in the vaginal flora... Fowler's hypocontactant hygienic products 1 month prior to seeing him for the first time and already have achieved 30% relief of symptoms!Typical training teaches physicians how to diagnose and threat just the 4 common types of vaginitis. Most gynecologists don't even have the more advanced diagnostic equipment to elucidate the spectrum vaginal micro-flora patterns. I was so stressed about what I was going to do to be able to enjoy my wedding night.That's why so many of you are told your tissues look normal and the "tests" all come back normal too. experience the difference and true hope for resolution of symptoms. I went forward with the protocol and achieved amazing results.

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