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The best way to do this is chronologically, to explain a situation of conspiracy, mixed with a perfect storm.

We can’t do anything about the conspiracy part, but it’s important to know, to grasp the stress my family has been under in dealing with the perfect storm.

Please_Select Accused Abuses To Children Abuses To Men Abuses To Mothers Advocate Activisim Accountability Anti Father Anti Family Anti Male Anti Men Crimes Anti Anything Appeal Alienated Awareness Brain Washing Birthdays Baby Bias Boycot CAS Child Support Child Apprehensions Custody Custodian Court Correction Convicted Children Child Abuse Child Protection Civil Prosecution Crownward Contacts Drafts Divorce Domestic Violence Death Defamation Doctors Evidence Equality Experts Ex Wife Egocentric Events Fathers Facts FACS Feminism Forums Family Family Court Famille Family Law Familia Familie Family Services Friends FOI Gag Orders Gender Bias Health Help Information Superior Court Supreme Court Something Supervised Syndromes Law Law School Lawyers Lawyer For Hire Liars Literatures Looking For Malice Mediation Miscellaneous Men Help My Children Mothers Motions Malfeasance Mis Conduct Murder Narcissistic Office Of Children Lawyer Ombudsman Oversight Oppressed Dis Log Parents Parenting Parental PAS Philosophy Psychopathic Police Pro Dad Pro Mom Real Mothers Tips Real Fathers Tips Rats Shared Parenting To Whom It May Concern Transparency Truth Justice Jail Judges Prision Protest Pages Please Help Woman Help Wanted Visitation Victim Services Victim Other What I' m about to say, may or may not, be breaking a publication ban.

I'm doing my best to speak carefully as possible, but I don't have much choice given the dire situation.

Hopefully I don't cross enough lines to get myself persecuted and if it comes down to it, I will accept the consequences.... What I' m about to say, may or may not, be breaking a publication ban.

I don't like Ball at all; I didn't even realize one of his kids was involved in the China thing.

I suppose it is possible to win with 33%, but it seems like a rather weak hand.

I think a lot of Republicans will stay at home, but Democrat turn out will be fairly strong, so the turn out rate will not be uniform between parties.

It just can’t be done.” https:// Did anyone see this interview yesterday.

3 college basketballs players from the States get arrested in China for shoplifting sunglasses. Will not acknowledge Trump's contribution in getting his son out of trouble.

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