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Battlefield,1k4it9, In [BF4] I want the death screen to tell me if I was spotted,111,24,26, walk around a corner and instantly get shot. ,108,19,9, Battlefield 3, False, Kq Yn O6Uy I5QCIV5.jpg,t5_2rdgw, False,bf3,, False,t3_1dnrn8, 1365630768.0,86,,1c3c2q, I thought this was a dirtbike for a split second.,112,26,17, False, Aq1PXTK5PNU_e.jpg,t5_2rdgw, False,bf3,, False,t3_1c3c2q, Yste9A.jpg, 1348954828.0,91,,10omqe, Oh Google.....,101,10,7, False, Svjn FMxv.jpg,t5_2rdgw, False,other,, False,t3_10omqe, Td.png, 1333323434.0,92,,rooqj, How I feel when someone releases flares before I fire my Stinger.,95,3,6, False,default,t5_2rdgw, False,,, False,t3_rooqj,

,208,21,47, False, BE-k I1g_Lts Cu.jpg,t5_2rdgw, False,bf3,psbf, False,t3_1feist, Mo L3d, 1373135632.0,179,,1hrd4a,"New screenshot from BF4 looks amazing, my friend wouldnt believe its not a photo",234,55,49, Battlefield 4, False, Hs Dmdprs8.jpg,t5_2rdgw, False,bf4,, False,t3_1hrd4a, BWn.jpg, 1372200045.0,179,,1h2hw2,[BF4] At least they apologized.,207,28,10, Battlefield 4, False, JUo8R03Wq1WX9.jpg,t5_2rdgw, False,bf4,pure, False,t3_1h2hw2, QUR86.png, 1364361551.0,177,,1b3fi2,[BF4] Battlefield 4 - 17 Minutes of Gameplay!

,200,55,27, False, Ov8_t L3Ze QX.jpg,t5_2rdgw, False,bf4,, False,t3_1aq0oi, 1364684297.0,142,,1bbs7e,[BF3] Seine Crossing -- You couldn't pay me to jump in that river..,161,19,11, False, U.jpg,t5_2rdgw, False,bf3,, False,t3_1bbs7e, 1372588854.0,141,,1hcyeu, Finally got me one [BF3],163,22,10, Battlefield 3, False, Ru Mcq-a Mde Mi.jpg,t5_2rdgw, False,bf3,pxbox, False,t3_1hcyeu, X4Gs5Z, 1371168545.0,142,,1gb04f,[BF4] Many thanks to these guys for hosting the Live Stream!

,176,34,36, Battlefield 4, False, WP_KQ6ei Y00V.jpg,t5_2rdgw, False,bf4,, False,t3_1gb04f, HQf.png, 1371749240.0,138,,1gqlox, Looks like the Battlefield facebook page noticed Bravo15's performance,158,20,26, False,default,t5_2rdgw, False,bf4,, False,t3_1gqlox, 1375836720.0,138,,1juna3,[BF3] I'm the first person in the world to get 500 kills with all the equipment,179,41,47, Battlefield 3, False, LBQLF6Q4v E.jpg,t5_2rdgw, False,bf3,psbf, False,t3_1juna3, NNYM3q, 1374462996.0,135,,1isf3p,[BF4]OXM's idea of a joke in BF4...,168,33,34, Battlefield 4, False, A7Kk2a Fj Kbc9FC.jpg,t5_2rdgw, False,bf4,, False,t3_1isf3p, YKI0O.jpg, 1364743476.0,134,,1bczyh, Found this in my old box stuff just to be disappointed 2 sec later :(,167,33,32, False, Ko9z-vc6.jpg,t5_2rdgw, False,bf2142,, False,t3_1bczyh, WU4X.jpg, 1364420460.0,131,,1b4xef,[BF4] What did DICE/EA honestly expect?

v=d Wi XCPSN350, 1374661270.0,97,,1iy4xt,[BF3] Pure Battlefield ONE: A one-year community anniversary event,116,19,22, Battlefield 3, False, XBn8P.jpg,t5_2rdgw, False,bf3,pure, False,t3_1iy4xt, 1373243295.0,95,,1htyy1, Uhh..,124,29,11, False, W_c Y8wr P4y XHKm J.jpg,t5_2rdgw, False,bf3,, False,t3_1htyy1, 1370898085.0,92,self. The flag was capped by the enemy and the enemy focused on bringing it down.

My guess is that which ever team holds the flag when the building goes down keeps the flag.~~ C flag does return in the building's rubble.* Possible [Harbin Z-9]( during the knife scene, this may be the Chinese version of the US Venom.", Battlefield 4, False,self,t5_2rdgw,1370904161.0,bf4,pure, True,t3_1g2k9h, 1373872121.0,95,,1ibr6b,"Battlefield Friends is nominated as ""Best video series of 2013"" in the Dragon Slayer Awards",115,20,6, False,default,t5_2rdgw, False,other,, False,t3_1ibr6b, Slayer/, 1369883835.0,93,,1fbbnl,"If you don't have Battlefield 2 installed, here's what your missin.",109,16,36, Battlefield 2, False, BDaqtgu I2yx A42z.jpg,t5_2rdgw, False,bf2,, False,t3_1fbbnl,

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